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Doctor Name Dr. Nidhi Pandya (HOMOEOPATH)
Experience 7+ Years

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Dr. Nidhi is a renowned homeopathic practitioner at DIHA Health Homeopathic Clinic in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. With over 7 years of dedicated service, she believes in the power of homeopathy to cure health issues from their root without unwanted side effects.


Dr. Nidhi’s holistic and scientifically-backed approach has led to remarkable recoveries in numerous chronic and acute cases globally. She creates personalized treatment plans, conducts thorough investigations, and emphasizes the importance of proper diet and lifestyle for long-term wellness.


Her commitment extends beyond treatment, offering attentive follow-up sessions and overseeing the counseling center to address patients’ emotional well-being.


With a vision for positive change through homeopathy and a mission for comprehensive healing, Dr. Nidhi is a beacon of hope and guidance towards vibrant health and lasting happiness.